Just Play brings to life Panda Mei from Disney and Pixar’s Turning Red! | Source: Just Play/the Toy Insider

Ready to take home 4Town’s biggest fan?

Just Play’s Disney and Pixar Turning Red Many Moons of Red Panda Mei Animated Feature Plush brings home all the panda-monium of Disney and Pixar’s newest movie, Turning Red. Made for kids three and up, Panda Mei is sure to be your new best friend. 

If you’re not familiar with the film, it follows Meilin “Mei” Lee, a 13-year-old, Chinese-Canadian girl who is obsessed with the boy band 4Town. However, Mei soon discovers that because she’s hit a certain age, her body is undergoing some changes — as in, panda changes. Every time Mei gets angry or overwhelmed, she “poofs” into a giant red panda. Of course, as a teenage girl, this happens a lot. In order to combat these panda poofs, Mei learns that she can control the panda by calming herself down. 

This interactive panda plush helps teach kids about social-emotional learning. | Source: Just Play

This new interactive red panda plush toy from Just Play brings to life the phrases and sounds that calm Mei down. When kids press the panda’s hand, music inspired by the film begins to play. The panda also says phrases such as “I’m calm” and “I’m zen.” When little ones squeeze the panda’s belly, her arms raise and she growls with excitement. 

Parents will love that this interactive plush teaches kids about social-emotional learning (SEL). Just like in the movie, Panda Mei helps kids understand that feeling your emotions is important — bottling them or shoving them down does not solve the problem. Kids can practice calming down and taking deep breaths with Panda Mei, honing those pivotal SEL skills. 

Because the plush is so light, it makes for the perfect travel companion. Panda Mei is perfect for kids who experience anxiety while flying — using the calming phrases, the panda plush can help them center themselves as the plane takes off. Then, little dreamers can snuggle up to the panda’s soft, plush fur to get some shut eye. 

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At only $24.99, this budget-friendly Panda Mei plush is a great choice for upcoming Easter baskets or birthday gifts. And to top it off, she’s unbear-ably cute! 

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