Tutti Frutti Gluten Free Scented Modeling Dough packs and sets | Source: Family Games America/the Toy Insider

Many forms of modeling dough contain wheat (flour), but Family Games America has the perfect solution for kids with dietary modifications.

The educational game company is unveiling 15 gluten-free scented dough kits during the American Specialty Toy Retailing Association (ASTRA) Marketplace. The event takes place in Long Beach, California from June 12-15. 

Recommended for kids ages 3 and up, the new Tutti Frutti Gluten Free Scented Modeling Dough kits are non-sticky, non-flaky, non-toxic, rehydratable, and anti-bacterial. They also feature 12 sweet scents, including bakery, fruit, and candy aromas. Kids can stack up sizzling burgers, decorate cute cupcakes, and mold speedy city cars with these kits. Kids can also use their imaginations with basic modeling dough packs, including a six-pack of tropical or candy scents and a massive party bucket.

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All Tutti Frutti dough is highly salted to discourage kids from eating it, but with its gluten-free composition, parents can feel safer about hands-on play. 

The Tutti Frutti gluten-free scented dough kits will be available to purchase from the Toys Games Puzzles website beginning on June 1.

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