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If you have a big family, we have good news for you: UNO is getting an upgrade to its usual 10 player maximum. With the UNO Party Card Game, up to 16 people can get in on the fun.

Since its development in 1971, UNO has been a hit. The card game features energetic gameplay and rules somewhat similar to Crazy Eights. The added ability to make other players draw cards and the requirement that a player calls out “Uno” when they play their second-to-last card generates some enjoyably tense family game nights.

The traditional rules of UNO are easy enough. There is one card face-up, and on your turn you can play a card that matches the color or number of the face-up card. If you don’t have any of that, you can play a wild card to change the next color. Cards like Reverse, which switches the order of play, and Skip, which skips the next player’s turn, keep gameplay active and ever-changing. The goal overall is to empty your hands of cards entirely.

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UNO has had a few different iterations following its success, from online versions featuring the traditional rules to the spinoff called “DOS” that involves playing two cards instead of one. Now, family game night can expand to include extended family as well with Mattel’s UNO Party Card Game. Instead of the typical 2-10 players, this new offering in the UNO games collection requires 6-16 players, designed specifically for large groups.

The UNO Party Card Game adds not just new players, but also some new rules and cards. Players can use the Speed Play rule to play a card not on their turn (assuming they’re quick enough to do it). The Wild Drawn Together card means that two players have to draw cards simultaneously, the Point Taken card gets all players pointing at each other (and drawing cards for the number of fingers pointed at them), and the Wild Pile Up card puts players at risk of having to pick up a whole lot of cards as they keep trying to match on a mini discard pile until someone can’t and has to take it.

These new rules are sure to make the biggest game nights even more of a blast. Recommended for kids ages 7 and up, the UNO Party Card Game is available now for $14.99 at Target.

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