Do you ever feel like DIY is missing the element of surprise? Kids weave a friendship bracelet or draw something and then they’re done. Well, get excited because Vendees, from Horizon Group USA, has a unique twist that’ll spice up DIY a bit. 

It comes in four different versions: nail art, ceramic painting, lip balm, and bath bomb decorating. Designed after the classic vending machine prizes, it’s on-brand with five surprises per box — including stickers, rings, donut keychains, and cupcake erasers!

The sweet treat box also came with three bath bombs with flat tops ready to decorate just like you would some tasty cupcakes. For DIY fun, it includes purple, pink, and white whipped frosting; dissolvable icons; sprinkles; and — of course — glitter. There is only one plastic tip included for adding the frosting, which means colors will mix, but it ends up looking like the ombre effect all unicorns crave. It’s important to shake the frosting tubes before applying because the paint does separate. While mine didn’t quite look as fluffy as the pictures, it was nothing a couple (hundred) shakes of glitter couldn’t fix. (And let’s be honest: the more glitter, the better!)

When it came to dissolving the bath bomb, the water became a luscious, glittery pink. The icon of a rainbow popping from a smiling cloud did not fully disintegrate — so watch out for a small happy face floating in the bathtub. The frosting also didn’t completely disappear, but it was pretty easy (pun intended) to clean. Once the bath bomb was fully dissolved, a hidden ring appeared.

Parents will have to do a bit of cleanup after kids play, but it’s all worth it. All of the kits can be shared for a fun exercise in teamwork. It encourages kids to be creative while it also gives them cool things to collect.

It’s glitter. It’s design. It’s fun for anyone.

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Nicole Savas

Nicole Savas

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