Most pet-themed toys don’t feature 12 inches of hair to style, but the VIP Pets Bow Power collection does! Designed for kids ages 3 and up, VIP Pets Bow Power is a group of six collectible pets from IMC Toys that come with long tresses of hair for kids to style. 

VIP Pets first launched in 2020, but the Bow Power VIP Pets feature new designs and accessories with a bow theme! The adventure starts with a bottle that looks like hairspray. Once the bottle is out of its packaging, kids can pull off the Bow Power tag to remove the bottle cap. Kids can pull the tab on the top of the hairspray can to reveal a ribbon they can use to make a bow in the pet’s hair, weave it into braids, and more! When kids reach inside and pull out the VIP Pet, its foot-long hair comes with it! At the bottom of the can are eight accessories, including a hairbrush, hair ties, bows, sunglasses, and more!

Once all of the hair salon surprises are revealed, the real fun begins! Kids can braid, twist, brush, and style their pet’s hair however they want. Kids can also take hair accessories from their own collection and use them on the VIP Pets: The possibilities are really endless.

There are six VIP Pets to collect in the Bow Power lineup! | Source: IMC Toys

There are six VIP Pets in the Bow Power collection: Aurora, Gwen, Juliet, Kim, Natty, and Shiara. Each pet features different hair colors and accessories that fit its personality. Unlike some surprise toys, the VIP Pets are viewable through the packaging, so kids know what pet they’re going to get, but are still surprised by the accessories inside!

If kids are still craving more VIP Pets after playtime, they can also check out the VIP Pets animated series on YouTube, which features the pets going on adventures, skating, and — of course — getting their hair done!

Who knows, playing with the VIP Pets could be the start of a passion for hairstyling. If kids own a hair salon in 30 years, you’ll have IMC Toys to thank.


VIP Pets are back and trendy as ever as they rock bold fashions and colorful bows in the new VIP Pets Bow Power Series. There are six characters to collect and each comes in an all new transparent hairspray bottle so kids can see which character is inside and pick which pet to take home.…

Product Facts

  • MSRP:
  • $14.99; $21.97 CAD
  • Age:
  • 3+

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