Wash, rinse, reveal, repeat: these are the steps to having fun with VIP Pets from IMC Toys.

Everybody knows that all dogs deserved to get pampered, especially teeny tiny ones with 12-inches of flowing hair. Each VIP Pet comes in a container shaped like a mousse bottle and has everything kids need to create a luxurious spa day for their newest four-legged friends.

Before kids unwrap the bottle, they can find easy-to-understand directions written in four different languages. Once they peel off the wrapping, another set of picture-only directions will fall out to make it even easier for our non-readers. Kids can twist off the bottle cap and the bottom compartment (which is full of surprise accessories!), and wash their pet’s hair.

Each long-locked pup sits in its spa chair ready for treatment. Parents may want to cut off the plastic piece that holds it to the chair before kids get started so after washing, kids can get straight to styling.

The water will wash away the “towel” holding up the figure’s hair and reveal a cute shape over its eye (check out the pic below to compare before and after). Kids should rinse their dog for at least 30 seconds, as taking it out of the water too soon can leave it a little sticky. This happened to me (patience is not one of my strongest qualities) and I found that even if it does get sticky, it’s easy to wipe off with a paper towel.

Once the pet is ready to go, kids can toss the plastic covering that’s on its hair away and gather their supplies. In the aforementioned bottom of the container, kids will find a bag of six accessories personalized to each doll. They’ll also find instructions on how to complete the character’s signature style, as well as some other ideas for inspiration.

As someone who thinks of a side braid as the toughest hairstyle I can accomplish, I didn’t actually find creating any of the looks to be difficult. The pets sit nicely in their spa chairs and can stick to the counter for added support with the included suction cup. It also helped to part the hair with the included ponytails just as a real hairdresser may do — especially when completing the Snooki-style hair poufs.

The sky’s the limit when your hair can reach it! There are six characters with two styles each, which means that kids can discover a total of 12 collectibles. At this point, kids probably have the wash, rinse, and reveal down (along with style) so now it’s time to repeat until they find them all!

VIP Pets are now available at Target, Walmart, Walgreens, and Amazon.

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