This is not your grandma’s pogo stick. 

OK, maybe they don’t go that far back, but pogo sticks are a time-treasured toy that are now back in a cooler, safer way with the Vurtego Slingshot from Flybar.

I will never forget my older sister’s pogo stick. As with everything in the ‘90s, it was bright pink with teal accents, and came packaged with an overwhelming sense of danger. I, being five years younger, was not allowed to take a turn, but for some reason it was alright for her to take her life into her hands for the sake of a bounce — and oh, how she bounced. Pogo sticks were always something that came with a joyous thrill, but also didn’t seem like any kid should be allowed near them — until now.

Back in this decade, the kids born after Y2K know a thing or two more about safety. Taking the place of the teal and pink contraptions of yesteryear, is the green and black Vurtego Slingshot. It comes with a very hefty owner’s manual, to teach kids about safety measures they should take, tips and tricks, and also links to videos with all of this info for the more visual learners. The spring inside is powered by air (which you’ll need to pump, but more on that later) so there are no rusty springs threatening to pop out.

To take a spin — or a jump, I should say — kids need to be over the age of 5 and taller than 4 feet 8 inches. For other grownups out there who were also denied the chance to pogo crazy, as long as you’re under 5 feet 9 inches and 180 pounds you, too, can have your moment. The Vurtego Slingshot is a kid-size professional pogo stick, so anyone in the family within those height and weight measurements is good to pogo. 

Before families start bouncing, it’s important to fully read through the owner’s manual and get a sense of the safety precautions. Parents can help make sure kids really understand everything before they get pogoing. They should wear a helmet and closed toed shoes in case of any falls, but follow the tips so they’re less likely to have that happen. Parents will also have to pump some air into the Slingshot to get it ready, which can be done with a standard car tire pump or an air compressor with a gauge (neither is included). The more air added, the stiffer the spring will get, meaning the higher it will bounce. Be sure to start out with less air until kids’ are professionals. At its most-filled, kids can jump up to five feet high!

Kids will just want to bounce, but they’ll get an added bonus of a lesson in direction following with the owner’s manual. Of course, once they get jumping, there’s no stopping the fun. The reason pogo sticks have withstood the decades is because you can’t beat the joy that comes from jumping the day away. It gets kids off their screens and outside for a pop of excitement. Not to mention it’s great cardio!

The Vurtego Slingshot was designed and tested over a course of 10 years, which means that Flybar put a lot of thought into making it a unique and fun toy for families to enjoy together. Are you ready to jump in?!


This professional-quality pogo stick designed for kids features adjustable air spring technology. By adding or removing air, kids can create a softer or stiffer spring. The fully adjustable pogo stick can hold 40-180 pounds, and can jump up to 5 feet high.

Product Facts

  • MSRP:
  • $149.99
  • Age:
  • 5+

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Nicole Savas

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