Squishmallows Wellness Group | Source: Jazwares/Claire’s/The Toy Insider

Get your beast mode on … or take a deep breath and stay calm!

Squishmallows are perfect for snuggling, but the Squishmallows Squad also knows a thing or two about staying active. Squishmallows Wellness characters are now available at Claire’s, with six plush characters that are pumped up and ready for the gym. 

The 8-inch styles feature animal characters wearing sweatbands that say phrases like, “I don’t sweat, I sparkle;” “Muscle up, buttercup;” “Beast mode on;” and “Hustle for that muscle.” They also feature embroidered barbells, arm bands, and other gym equipment. There’s nothing like sparkly pink dumbbells to inspire you to work out. You can order a design at random for $19.99 on claires.com, or visit your local Claire’s or specialty stores to select your own.

Squishmallows Calm Keychains | Source: Jazwares/Claire’s

Squishmallows is extending the wellness theme to mental health as well with Calm Squishmallows in 3.5-inch keychain styles. The Calm styles feature phrases on their bellies that say things like, “Namaste,” “Breathe,” “Strong & Beautiful,” “Dream It, Do It,” and more. Collectors can clip the characters onto backpacks, purses, or whatever they want! 

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Order on claires.com to get a Calm design at random for $9.99, or pick out the exact Squishmallow you want in person. Larger 8-inch versions of the Calm squad are also available at BoxLunch for $19.90 each.

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