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You’re getting ready to head over to your nephew’s birthday party when you realize you forgot all about getting him a present (face, meet palm). The clock is ticking and you only have 20 minutes to run to the store, get him a gift, and still manage to get to the party on time. You’re going to go in prepared, and head straight to the action figure section, because obviously, right?

Whether we like to admit it or not, gender plays a big role when it comes to picking out toys for kids.

Stereotypically, girls spend all day holding, playing, caressing, and caring for their dolls, while boys would rather use that time to create epic battles of violent proportions with their collection of action figures. I don’t know about you, but I know plenty of girls who like to play rough, and just as many boys who are softies at heart. So, if a boy wants to play with a doll, he should have more options to choose from than the American Girl line, don’t you think?

Wonder Crew is ready to put an end to the gender stereotyping madness with its line of dolls inspired by—are you read for it?—boys, but designed for all kids. Mic. Drop.

Wonder Crew’s Crewmates combine what boys traditionally love about action figures—the adventure—and pair it with all the emotional strings that stuffed animals pull on, to create dolls that boys—and girls—will bond with, while taking them on daring journeys through their imaginations.

With the motto, “Go anywhere, be anything,” the Wonder Crew Crewmates team consists of a collection of dolls that will attract all different types of personalities. Will, the Wonder Crew mascot, is a doll ready to take on all types of different adventures, and available in a variety of sets. Whether he saves the day as a superhero, cooks up fun in the kitchen, or takes on a wild safari, he has something for everyone. Each Crewmate comes with a child-sized piece of clothing or gear that matches the doll’s adventure to enhance the imaginative play experience. For instance, kids who have a Superhero Crewmate will be able to throw on a matching cape as they save the world, and kids who have a Builder as their Crewmate will get to toss on a yellow hard hat and get straight to work.

Wonder Crew Buider

The Wonder Crew line doesn’t limit the fun to just one adventure. Kids can also collect Adventure Packs, which include all the doll’s clothes, props, and accessories necessary for a successful adventure so kids can continue their story with their Crewmate.

A doll that doesn’t solely target girls is long overdue. Now, thanks to the Wonder Crew Crewmates, girls and boys will be able to engage in special bonds with their dolls, and explore a world of emotions as they adapt and play together (insert celebratory emojis here).

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Stephanie Grassullo

Stephanie Grassullo

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