Scrabble Heirloom Edition | Source: WS Game Co.

Families can upgrade their weekly game nights with some sleek and stylish upgrades to the classic board games we all know and love. WS Game Co. is putting its own spin on some iconic, Hasbro-licensed games.

Monopoly & Scrabble Indigo Bookshelf Collection | Source: WS Game Co.

The Monopoly & Scrabble Indigo Bookshelf Collection brings a colorful and contemporary twist to two classic board games. Each game comes packaged a foil-stamped, fabric-wrapped book that families can display around their homes. Buy it here.

The Scrabble Heirloom Edition is handcrafted with a combination of hardwood and veneers, and features a rotating board as well as a raised grid and a storage drawer. Buy it here.

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The Scrabble Message Center is a wall-mounted board framed by a sleek wood trim and flanked on each side by a black weekly planner with a scorekeeping and messaging area. The corkboard on the bottom leaves space for personal notes and photos. Buy it here.

The Chess & Checkers Deluxe Wood Edition set features a solid wood cabinet with a mahogany finish and an inlaid game board. Kids can lift the top off of the wood cabinet to reveal the integrated storage compartment beneath for all of the game components. Buy it here.

Chess & Checkers Luxe Maple Edition | Source: WS Game Co.

The Chess & Checkers Luxe Maple Edition set features a solid maple wood cabinet with an integrated storage drawer and a die-cast metal handle. The inlaid wood game board is built into the cabinet and includes chess and solid wood checkers pieces. Buy it here.

SORRY! Vintage Bookshelf Edition | Source: WS Game Co.

The SORRY! Vintage Bookshelf Edition and the Chess Vintage Bookshelf Edition both come in fabric-wrapped book packaging, suitable for bookshelf display. Buy them here.

Parents and kids can snatch all seven products now on WS Game Co.’s website. Prices start at $39.

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