Blaster battles just got more insane!

ZURU, known for its collectible Mini Brands as well as the X-Shot Blasters, is releasing a new series of blasters this July, guaranteed to bring novelty to any battle. The X-Shot Insanity range includes four blasters, all inspired by blaster modifications people seek online.

The X-Shot Insanity Manic, X-Shot Insanity Bezerko, the X-Shot Insanity Mad Mega Barrel, and the X-Shot Insanity Motorized Rage Fire are all a part of the new collection. The Manic holds up to 24 darts, the Berzerko holds 48 darts, and both the Mad Mega Barrel and the Motorized Rage Fire hold 72 darts. The Motorized Rage Fire is the largest and will be ZURU’s first motorized blaster, giving kids the power to defeat any enemy with foam darts blasting at speeds never seen before. And if that wasn’t enough, kids can combine all four blasters to form a huge blaster toy with a 121-dart capacity and storage for up to 224 darts.

ZURU has a number of other lines with customization and features designed to innovate on the classic blaster toy. The X-Shot Skins feature detailed designs that kids can use to customize X-Shot blasters with graphics featuring zombies, dragons, and more; the X-Shot Dino Attack blasters are made to fend off dinosaurs; and the X-Shot Excel series features interchangeable attachments and quick-firing abilities. 

The newest X-Shot Insanity line of blasters will be available on July 31, so kids that are eager to bring the next greatest blaster to the battlefield can head to their nearest ZURU retailer this summer.

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