Blip Toys XOXO Friends Surprise Pack

Blip Toys XOXO Friends Surprise Pack

With the Xoxo Friends collection, based on YouTube’s hit Tic Tac Toy channel, kids can unbox fun and sweet friendship.

The new line of collectibles, from Blip Toys, is the first from the girls behind the popular YouTube channel. Kids ages 3 and up can unpack cute, silly mystery figures from each box — just like their favorite YouTube stars Addy and Maya.

The first series of the toy line features 24 friends to collect and 36 swappable wings, including several rare ones. Kids will take home a special collectible based on Tic Tac Toy; the sisters designed the characters, which include various animals and two mini versions of Addy and Maya. With poseable heads, the characters are fun to play with and display.

Xoxo Friends offers two unboxing options: the Single Surprise Boxes and the Surprise Pack. The Xoxo Friends Single Surprise Box comes with a cute figure; swappable, colorful wings; one of 12 wearable bracelets; and a collector’s guide. Meanwhile, the Xoxo Friends Surprise Pack comes with two friend figures, three sets of swappable wings, one of 12 accessories, putty in one of six colors, one of 12 putty cutters, and a collector’s guide.Tic Tac Toy XOXO Friends

The collection combines the excitement from mystery unboxings with the compound craze. Kids will love unpacking the surprises from the cute, easy-to-open packaging and molding their own creations from the sweet-smelling putty. They’ll also be able to bring their own friends into the fun by trading the colorful wings.

Kids will also unwrap several skills, including social and emotional intelligence and social interaction through tactile play, role play, and sharing with friends. Parents will appreciate that the 12 Surprise Packs are numbered to prevent them from buying duplicates. They can also take the opportunity to teach their kids about recycling so that they can properly dispose of all the plastic baggies and cardboard boxes.

With multiple ways to play and learn, Xoxo Friends is packed with fun that kids won’t want to miss.

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