The Yipes! Messy Craft Box includes a ton of activities. | Source: Yipes!

Messiness may often sound intimidating within the house, but the Yipes! Messy Craft Box is here to encourage kids to get as messy as they like.

The limite- edition box comes with 12 messy activities as well as a number of Yipes! wipes for cleaning up afterward. The wipes are designed for kids to use on their own, increasing their confidence in their ability to clean up without help. 

The Yipes! Messy Craft Box includes two 12-packs of face and hand Yipes! wipes, organic hot cocoa, baking mix (either chocolate chip oatmeal or chocolate brownie), three activity books, a box of eight crayons, city sidewalk jumbo chalk, washable paint, a paint cup, a paint brush, Play-Doh slime, Elmer’s cosmic shimmer glue, a magnifying glass, a DIY white canvas drawstring backpack, and fabric markers. 

The box contains all sorts of goodies for a kid to make a mess with! | Source: Yipes!

Kids can dive head first into messier play and then clean up after with the Yipes! wipes. Mess is a part of childhood, and Yipes! is happy to point out that with mess comes exploration and learning how to navigate a new experience. The original Yipes! wipes were designed by Deborah Lu Lynch, a mom who wanted to empower kids to create and clean their own messy play spaces. 

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Give the messiest kid in your life the joy of unfettered mess-making play with the Yipes! Messy Craft box. The box is available for purchase now on the Yipes! website.

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