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Most young cosmetologists get their start by “borrowing” from mom’s makeup bag. They snatch a lipstick here and a blush brush there to give themselves a magical makeover. 

With the YOUniverse Cosmetic Colorist Kit from Horizon Group USA, these little artists can create their own colorful eyeshadow palette while learning about the chemistry behind cosmetic creation. 

Designed for kids ages 6 and up, the colorist kit includes all of the materials needed to create a beautiful, bright eyeshadow palette. The kit comes with two measuring cups, 15 round metal pans, five eyeshadow pigments, two polyester fabric sheets, four printed sheets, a bottle of binder solution, a plastic spoon, a pressing tool, a sticker sheet, and of course, the eyeshadow palette itself. 

With only 6-8 detailed steps involved, the kit is very simple to use. Kids and their parents can mix different pigment colors together and use the binder solution to turn the mixture into eyeshadow. Budding cosmetologists can even create multicolored eyeshadows. The kit comes with five pigment colors: blue, pink, purple, gold, and white. With plenty of binder solution and pigment, kids can experiment with all the color possibilities! The eyeshadow palette and metal pans are also magnetic, so kids can move their expressive creations around safely and cleanly as many times as they’d like. 

YOUniverse Cosmetic Colorist Kit | Source: Horizon Group USA

Without even removing the lid on the pigment containers, my hands were immediately covered in sparkly powder. (Good thing it’s biodegradable!) To be safe, there are a few additional materials that parents will want to have prepared from the get-go, including paper towels or scraps of paper to place under a flat workspace. Parents might want to have clean-up materials on hand as well, such as makeup remover or warm water and a washcloth. Because all the fun can get messy, it is strongly recommended for kids to have adult supervision during the creative process. 

Although making the eyeshadow only takes 10-15 minutes, little artists will have to be patient with their work. The eyeshadow needs to settle in its pan for a few hours after creation, or overnight for a more vivid color, but the wait is totally worth it.

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Along with creative expression, kids can learn about the scientific process of creating cosmetics. Parents can read the “Our Amazing YOUniverse” science facts included in the instruction manual and discover the wonder of chemistry alongside their kids. The kit also includes a colorful poster featuring historical and scientific cosmetic facts. 

Kids can express themselves through cosmetic creation and educational play with this kit. Beauty and brains: You really can have it all.

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