‘Stranger Things’ capsules incude a collectible figure, matching accessories, scene trading cards, a character card, and more. | Source: YuMe

Journey into the Upside Down Hellfire-style with these new collectibles from YuMe!

The new YuMe Stranger Things Capsules makes a spooky ‘80s addition to any uncertified member of the Hellfire Club. The capsules are a blind-box collectible so kids won’t know which character they have until they open the TV-inspired packaging. Perfect for kids ages 3 and up, the collectible includes a mini figure of a character from the Netflix series, story-accurate accessories, scene trading cards, a character card, a TV display card, a sticker reveal card, and more. Additionally, each collectible includes interactive pieces like a scratch and reveal game, and a clue sheet full of details that fans can read to unlock exclusive content. There are 11 total characters kids can collect. 

The entire collection of ‘Stranger Things’ capsules including the mystery bonus figure — can you find it? | Source: the Toy Insider

It was a true joy unboxing these Stranger Things collectibles, there were so many surprising elements to each one! Each collectible featured series-accurate details and retro artwork. The ‘80s TV box packages even folds open into an epic display stand. Fans can slide the included TV display card onto the screen to create a functional display stand for their collectible.

Can you solve the clues and win the game in these Stranger Things Capsules from YuMe? | Source: the Toy Insider

Upon unboxing the collectible, kids can discover all the twists and turns hidden behind each screen, starting with the clue cards in a retro mixtape-like case. Inside, there is a checklist to help keep track of all the characters that can be collected and a water reveal image that discloses additional clues. After looking through the clue cards, fans can unwrap the cards pack, which includes three tradable story cards, a character card, the TV display card, and the sticker reveal card. 

Each figure is approximately 1.5-2 inches in height, here’s my hand for scale! | Source: the Toy Insider

Choose between displaying the collectibles on the display stand or on top of the TV packaging. The figures are around 1.5-2 inches in height and won’t take up too much space on a shelf. Depending on the display style used, fans can expect it to take up minimal space for a single collectible and an entire shelf or two for the full set.

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Fans can attach the collectible to the display stand with a secure attachment on the foot of the toy. | Source: the Toy Insider

I really enjoyed all the little details that were put into each one, from the story-accurate accessories to the costume designs, poses, and facial expressions. Each character feels like they jumped right from the screen! Some of the details I noticed were Dustin’s Hellfire Club shirt, Lucas’ basketball, and Max’s skateboard. Additionally, Mike and Hopper’s facial expressions are literally perfect. 

Each Stranger Things Capsule includes a checklist and an interactive game fans can use to find out more about the show. | Source: the Toy Insider

Whether you’re new to the Stranger Things series or a longtime fan that just finished the epic season four finale, these collectibles are a great way to explore each character’s storyline, to display your favorite characters in your home, or to role play your favorite scenes with all the amazing accessories. Available in a dual pack on Amazon for $24.99.

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