The Evolution Fliker Pro is a fun twist on a scooter. | Source: Yvolution

Feeling the wind through your hair is one of life’s greatest jobs and Yvolution is expanding the options kids have to get that thrill. 

The Yvolution Fliker, a scooter with two footplates that kids swivel on to steer, is one of Yvolution’s most popular products in Europe. Now, it’s coming to the U.S. better than ever with an upgrade. The Y Fliker Pro has the same separate footplates as the original Fliker, but it is more streamlined and responsive. It is also adjustable for height so the Y Fliker Pro fits kids as they grow up. The Y Fliker Pro is good for kids ages 7 and up and goes for $149.99. 

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The Twista Skates are classic rollerskates, with a twist. The skates start as easy-to-handle roller skates with the wheels spread out, but as kids get more comfortable on their wheels, they can convert the skates into rollerblades. Kids won’t have to get a new pair of wheels if they want to up the challenge of skating. The Twista Skates are meant for kids ages 2 and up and come in red, blue, green, and pink for $69.99 per pair. 

Both the Fliker Pro and the Twista Skates are available at Walmart, Amazon, and

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