The Zing Avatar RC Classic Banshee can fly up to 200 feet away and can even flap its wings. | Source: Zing

After a 12 year wait, James Cameron’s Avatar universe is coming back. To gear up for Avatar: The Way of Water, Zing is releasing two remote control Banshees based on the animals from the original movie. 

There are two different banshees kids can get: the classic and the deluxe. Each banshee has an adjustable tail to make it go faster and has a rechargeable battery to keep the play going. They are both designed for kids ages 8 and up, and they both have different features that make them unique. 

To make the Zing Avatar RC Classic Banshee fly, kids just have to lightly toss it into the air. It is able to fly because of its lightweight design and wide wing design. The banshee will soar through the air and can even flap its wings like the real thing. The banshee has an altitude sensor that keeps it from flying too low, so kids don’t have to worry about any crash landing. Buy it here for $44.99. 

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The Zing Avatar RC Deluxe Banshee is on a whole other level. It is able to fly because of its 6-axis sensor that controls altitude, direction, and even allows the banshee to avoid obstacles. The banshee can fly up and down, perform tricks using two different flight modes, and more! The remote also makes banshee noises as kids play with it, putting them right in the middle of Pandora. Buy it here for $59.99. 

Both models can work from up to 200 feet away, making the boundaries of play nearly endless. The Zing Avatar RC Banshees are available at and on Amazon. The world of Pandora awaits kids who want to play with the Zing Avatar Banshees!

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