What’s better than a beloved brand? Having pocket-size toy versions of them!

ZURU is well known for its Mini Brands collectibles, tiny toys that are small versions of real-life brands kids know and love. Each miniature collectible comes in mystery box packaging, so kids won’t know what they’re getting until they open it. And now there are even more to open, with ZURU expanding the collection with Series 5 of Mini Brands and Series 2 of Foodie Mini Brands.

Mini Brands Series 5 adds even more beloved brands to kids’ collections. The new series includes more than 90 new brands to collect, including rare Frozen Moments Minis. Will the box have some Kellogg’s Corn Flakes, a Campbell’s Chicken Noodle Soup can, or even a Mini Mini inside a FedEx or UPS box? Whatever they get, the brand item is perfectly sized to join in on play, giving fashion dolls everywhere the chance to try their favorites.

For kids that can’t resist a good drive-through, the newest Foodie series has them covered. Series 2 of Foodie Mini Brands has 95 new Minis of favorite fast food items. For the little collectors, there are rare gold and Frozen Moments Minis to find. This series also introduces scented Minis, so kids will get to experience the smell of the foods they love!

The newest Mini Brands series will be hitting shelves soon, with Foodie Mini Brands Series 2 launching on July 5 and Mini Brands Series 5 launching on July 31. Kids can head to their local toy store or keep their eyes on Amazon to be the first to get the newest brands in their collection!

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