The Adoption Nurturing Essentials Set (left) and the PlayTime Nurturing Essentials Set (right) | Source: Adora/the Toy Insider

It’s all about accessorizing, darling. 

You don’t have to buy kids a whole new baby doll every time they start to get bored. Instead, there’s a way to make old dolls exciting again by adding new accessories. Kids can give their dolls new life with the Nurturing Essentials Sets from Adora. Available in sizes for 13-inch dolls or 16-inch dolls, the Nurturing Essentials Sets include seven accessories that kids can use for nurturing pretend play. 

The PlayTime Nurturing Essentials is meant for use with 13-inch dolls and includes a milk bottle with a liquid that “disappears” when kids tilt it, a rainbow onesie, a rainbow knit beanie, a rainbow bib, a disposable diaper, a blue blanket, and a rainbow baby bassinet for $34.99.

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The Adoption Nurturing Essentials is designed for 16-inch dolls and includes a “disappearing” milk bottle, a llama onesie, a llama bow headband, a llama bib, a disposable diaper, a pink blanket, and a llama baby bassinet for $44.99.

Kids can also go accessory wild with the Adora Adoption Baby Essentials — It’s a Girl! set for $39.99. This eight-piece set is meant for use with 16-inch dolls and includes a “disappearing” milk bottle, a pink onesie, a pink bow headband, a white bib, a white plush bear, a pink blanket, a disposable diaper, and a starry pink bassinet.

The sets are recommended for kids ages 3 and up. They do not include dolls, only accessories. The sets are available now on and Amazon.

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