Akedo — Ultimate Arcade Warriors Ultimate Battle Arena | Source: Moose Toys/the Toy Insider

Have you ever wondered what would happen if your favorite arcade fighting game characters jumped off the screen and in your hand? Well, it turns out they’d look just like Akedo Warriors.

Akedo (pronounced ah-kay-dough) — Ultimate Battle Warriors from Moose Toys is a totally new line of mini warrior action figures based on the extreme moves of classic arcade games. Made for kids ages 6 and up, each figure stands 2 inches tall and has articulated arms that swing while in motion. Each item in the line comes with a battle controller that attaches to the figures and includes a lever to make the warriors pivot and use their weapons to knock their opponent out. The first player to complete a split strike — AKA splitting their opponent in half — wins that round.

There are 39 Akedo Warriors for kids to collect in series one, each with its own fighting style and battle-ready accessory. Some glow in the dark, and there are six levels of rarity — classic, epic, ultra-rare, legendary, exclusive ultra-rare, and limited edition Mythical Stormstrike — for kids to be on the hunt for. Of course, each pack comes with a collector’s guide so kids can keep track of their progress.

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Each warrior has its own stats (health points and damage points) and overall value, and there are two ways to play: basic and official rules. Basic rules are as simple as picking a character and knocking each other out until someone gets to 10 points first. With official rules, health and damage points and value come into play as players can choose three characters for their battle and use point battles to dictate the winner. I love that this makes Akedo Warriors so versatile for anyone to play: Younger players will most likely play by the basic rules, just smashing until they complete a split strike, while older players will really get into the nitty-gritty of the game mechanics to play by the official rules.

Although they are no taller than my thumb, I love the careful attention to detail all of the collectible action figures have. They are spunky, colorful, and have on-trend designs that I’m confident kids will be clamoring for to complete their collections. Some of my personal favorites include Shreddy Bear, a blue, vicious teddy bear; Miss Slither, a deadly Medusa-type character with a cobra staff as a weapon; and Thunderwind, a wizard who I am convinced is friends with Doctor Strange in another universe.

Grab any two Akedo Warriors to battle and land a split strike to get a point! | Source: Moose Toys

The Akedo — Ultimate Battle Warriors Versus Pack was made for kids to battle with their friends. And, kids are guaranteed one Epic figure per pack. To play, attach a figure to each controller and start the battle! Once someone completes the split strike, use the controller’s number slide to keep track of the score, put the figure back together, and keep battling. At just under $10 for each Versus Pack, it makes the perfect stocking stuffer or a gift that kids can get themselves with their allowance.

The Akedo — Ultimate Battle Warriors Ultimate Battle Arena (pictured up top) is an epic playset that gives the warriors all of the glory they deserve to battle on a stage. This arcade-inspired electronic arena plays more than 35 sound effects and comes with two exclusive Legendary warrior figures, two battle controllers, and interchangeable backdrops. Plus, it also comes with a training punching bag accessory to practice battling with your warriors to perfect the split strike.

The arena’s sound effects and music take the battles to the next level with added humor, excitement, and adrenaline. The battle controllers attach to the arena, so players can slide them every which way and use a joystick controller to complete moves. The coolest part about this playset is that players can go into battle mode, in which players can complete different combinations of moves to complete various attacks like power-ups and jinxes. The arena also comes with a number slide, but while decreasing, it looks like the player’s health is depleting just like in an arcade game — little details that I really appreciate.

There are 39 epic Akedo mini-warrior figures to collect right now! | Source: Moose Toys

If kids can’t get enough of Akedo, they can head over to the MooseTube Mania YouTube channel or Amazon Prime Video Direct to watch an animated series. Nickelodeon is also hosting The Akedo Super Ultimate Ultimate Tournament, a bracket-style tournament, on its YouTube channel. The event will be live from Aug. 15-21, and available on MooseTube Mania after. 

Akedo — Ultimate Arcade Warriors capture nostalgic gaming and bring it to a new generation of kids. These guys definitely get a high score in my book.

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