This bakery-themed playset includes a 10-inch tall Alice Doll. | Source: Just Play/the Toy Insider

These cakes won’t bake themselves … or will they?

The Disney Junior Alice’s Wonderland Bakery Alice & Magical Oven Set from Just Play is a cupcake-scented playground where kids’ imaginations can run wild. While not actually a playground (unless kids have some of the Drink Me potion), it is big in personality. This playset features an Alice doll, her trusty oven, and a bunch of sweet accessories.

Preschoolers can dive into their favorite new Disney Junior series with this magical set. The Alice doll is 10 inches tall and features rooted hair. She comes dressed in her outfit from the show (complete with the colorful apron) and is articulated so that kids can pose her and play with her in different positions. As mentioned, she is also cupcake scented. The smell hits you as soon as you open the box, but is not overwhelming.

The Alice’s Wonderland Bakery set comes with a ton of sweet accessories! | Source: Just Play

Alice’s oven comes to life when Alice gets to baking. Kids can put the pot on the stove to hear sizzling sounds or open the door to hear encouraging phrases like “Let’s get baking!” and see the oven lights turn on. It also plays “The Baking Song” and other snippets inspired by the series at the touch of a button.

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There are play two cakes, each with three layers that can be mixed and matched. Fans of the show will be quick to notice that the cakes feature colorful odes to the characters, with designs based on Hattie Hatter and Princess Rosa. Kids will also find a spatula, a pot, and magical potion bottles.

There’s something very sweet about kids’ imaginations running wild and this magical set helps them dive into a world of pretend. That’s a recipe for a great time in our eyes!

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