The Pro-Passer in action | Source: NSI International

Let me introduce you to the most accurate quarterback you’ll ever meet. No, not Tom Brady, Peyton Manning, or Drew Brees — I mean the All-Pro Passer from NSI International.

This active toy, designed for kids ages 8 and up, launches a foam football in nine different passing zones, with different levels of force and a perfect spiral every time.

Out of the box, the passer does require a quick setup: adding four C batteries (not included) and attaching the air pump. Be sure to really twist the pump all the way in, or else the passer won’t function properly. Once the pump is ready, it’s kickoff time. Players can operate the passer using the four directional arrows on the base to select a passing zone: right, left, or center and short, medium, or long. Once you lock in your direction, you’re good to go long.

Source: NSI International

Kids can use the hand-powered pump to build up the pressure and launch the ball. The amount they pump will dictate the power of the launch, and there is a handy pressure gauge so kids can see where they are at. Finally, kids simply press the “Hike” button to launch the ball. There is a pause for a few seconds — complete with “Hut, hut, hike” audio — as the robot quarterback winds up, which gives players enough time to start running as fast as they can to catch the ball.

This product is definitely a toy designed for younger kids and teens who are interested in having fun and starting to improve their football game. The football is smaller to make catching easier, and the passer’s range is just over 25 yards. That doesn’t mean, however, that teens and adults won’t enjoy joining in on the All-Pro Passer fun. With impressive range, it can be a fun experience for the whole family.

Definitely don’t underestimate the power of the passer. There is a bright yellow warning printed on the instructions, and let me tell you here in no uncertain terms: Listen to the warning. It’s not just there for legal reasons. Do not set this toy off inside. Even on the lowest setting with high ceilings, I promise you that it won’t work out well. This is very much an outdoor toy, and an impressive, sturdy one at that! It launches the ball with some serious oomph, so also be very sure that there is no one (especially unaware pets or younger kids) standing in the passer’s direct launch path.

Whether kids want to practice catching on their own or want a quarterback with accurate, powerful kickoffs in a pickup game, this passer is sure to be a hit for an afternoon of outdoor, active play.

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