The new collection brings the fun of finding a Jeni’s truck to American Girl dolls! | Source: American Girl

In its sweetest collaboration yet, American Girl has teamed up with Jeni’s Splendid Ice Creams for a collection of doll clothing and accessories that’ll have any kid ready for a trip to the ice cream shop!

Kids can get their American Girl dolls ready for a day out with an ice cream treat thanks to the new Just Add Springles Outfit. The outfit set includes a pink T-shirt with the Jeni’s logo, a skirt absolutely covered in ice cream flavors, a waffle cone headband, and flashy glitter sneakers. Pair it with the Ice Cream Tote that features the Jeni’s logo and comes with three pretend Jeni’s pints of ice cream that smell like the real thing! The outfit and the tote are made for 18-inch American Girl dolls.

Once the doll is dressed and ready, they can head out to get their favorite flavors! The Full of Flavor Ice Cream Truck is a replica of the Jeni’s trucks and features working LED headlights, a horn, and a radio that plays music so people will know when ice cream is coming. The truck set also includes four pints, four double scoops, three triple scoops, an ice cream scooper, two cone holders, a doll-size phone, a phone case with card reader, and a pretend Jeni’s gift card. If even more is needed to set the scene, the Splendid Waffle Cone Set and Full of Flavor Table both have play ice cream and accessories to give American Girl dolls a relaxed day of dessert.

If kids want even more treats and accessories for their American Girl dolls to go with the new collaboration, American Girl has a mystery pack that contains a sweet treat, the Take the Cake Birthday Outfit, the Fun in the City Travel Outfit, and more. 

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The American Girl Cafe will also have some special Jeni’s treats for anyone visiting IRL, including Jeni’s Ice Creams Trio, a flight of up to three of Jeni’s most popular flavors. 10 different Jeni’s ice cream stores will host giveaways and other experiences throughout the year, including special doll-size scoops and American Girl “treat seats” for any little doll friends joining the ice cream trip.

The new collection of American Girl x Jeni’s outfits and doll accessories are available now on the American Girl website. Kids can grab their favorite Jeni’s flavor and now even share it with their doll!

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