Building is one of the most classic forms of play, and for a good reason. Constructing complex, creative structures encourages imaginative play, introduces engineering principles, and develops fine motor skills. And while there are building sets on the market for a variety of ages, with a range of features, the new Beblox building blocks line puts a new twist on this popular play pattern.

Beblox’s building sets currently come in two kit sizes: 250 or 500 pieces. These building kits are designed for kids ages 4 and up, but — in my opinion — will be most successful for slightly older kids. What makes these building blocks stand apart in the market is their interlocking mechanism. Kids literally snap the square pieces together using interlocking prongs. When connected, the interlocked pieces create a hinge effect, which means kids can create curved designs, houses with doors that open, and more.

The sets each come with a variety of colorful square blocks, as well as other building components, such as wheels, axles, and chimney pieces. The 250-piece set may come with half the materials, but it is still a substantial amount of blocks. If you are limited by budget or space, this set is a great option and will still offer plenty of building potential — kids won’t feel like they are missing out.

Kids can take the pieces and let their imaginations run wild, using trial and error to create whatever they can think of. However, Beblox sets do include a booklet of design ideas that have step-by-step instructions. The booklet also has a QR code that an adult can scan to unlock even more building ideas. The building guide is printed with fairly small illustrations, but even if kids don’t follow the exact steps, the booklet is a great starting point for inspiration. They can put their own spin on creating a house, a rocket, a dinosaur, or an airplane.

The blocks’ snap-together mechanism is incredibly sturdy and durable, which is a big plus for kids who want to play with their creations. It also means that kids’ structures won’t come tumbling down thanks to an errant elbow or disgruntled sibling. However, this also means that the pieces require some pressure to put together, and even more so to separate them. Young kids will certainly need an adult’s assistance to disassemble the blocks, while older kids should be able to manage on their own. Builders will also want to avoid creating a complete single-square cube, as it is virtually impossible to disassemble.

Overall, Beblox brings something new to the construction toy category and is sure to be a hit with kids who love to build. The toy’s tagline is “If you can imagine, you can build,” and that’s certainly true with Beblox!

Beblox Building Blocks

Imagine it, build it! These interconnecting building block sets feature colorful square blocks that snap together with a hinge mechanism. Beblox are available in 250- or 500-piece sets. Both sets come with additional pieces, such as wheels, and a how-to building guide.

Product Facts

  • MSRP:
  • $29.99-49.99
  • Age:
  • 4+

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