Once kids pass out of the tween phase and into their teen years, you may find that their wish lists include fewer toys. But not all toys are made for the little ones in our lives! Some, like the HP161 Brushed R/C Truck by Bezgar, are just as much fun for teens and grownups.

Designed for ages 14 and up, the HP161 Brushed R/C Truck is a major upgrade from R/C cars designed for kids, but it isn’t as complex (or expensive) as many of the hobby-grade R/C vehicles on the market. The vehicle is a monster truck-style car in 1:16 scale, which means it is about a foot long. It comes with a variety of features, including a LED bar light on the front, shock-absorbing suspension on all four wheels, and massive tires that are designed to take on multiple terrain types.

When you first take the truck out of its packaging, you’ll discover that it needs light assembly, including attaching a wheelie bar to the tail of the truck, which helps avoid wear and tear. The set comes with a perfectly-sized screwdriver for this task, though, which is very helpful. Then, you have to remove the outer shell from the truck’s body to access its inner mechanisms. You do this by removing four pins (two in the front, two in the back) that hold the plastic shell in place.

Once you reveal the truck’s inner mechanisms, you will be able to attach the rechargeable battery. The truck actually comes with two batteries, which is another thoughtful touch — One can charge while you use the other, which helps lessen the time you have to wait for the batteries to recharge before getting back to running the R/C. Of course, you’ll need to fully charge one of the batteries when you first open the truck, before running it for the first time. You also need to add two AA batteries to the remote control.

It may seem a bit tedious at first to remove all four pins and the truck’s outer shell every time you need to charge the battery or turn on the R/C, but this configuration is what makes the truck higher-end. With full access to the interior mechanisms, those who are interested in delving further into the high-end R/C hobby can modify and replace parts of the truck.

This configuration also makes the R/C more durable and waterproof, as it keeps all of the electronic components safe from the elements. This means you can run the truck outdoors through puddles, in mud, or at the beach. I only tested the R/C indoors, but I can attest that it tackled a pile of cardboard with serious power and style.

Speaking of power, this truck can reach speeds of more than 30 kph, or roughly 18 mph, which seems especially fast indoors. The controls are very intuitive, which is a plus. However they are also very sensitive — Don’t turn the direction wheel too far, or the truck will immediately careen into a wall. (Thankfully, the truck is designed to take those hits. It took this writer a few minutes to get the controls down.) With a few minutes of practice, though, you can have the truck performing flips, doing donuts, and generally racing in whatever direction you want.

Overall, this R/C truck offers a play experience for those who may be older in age but who are young at heart. It is an excellent option for teens or adults who love cars and are interested in the hobby R/C space but don’t quite know where to start. It’s also great for families who enjoy R/C toys and want something a bit faster and sturdier without breaking the bank.

Get ready, kidults — It’s time to take playtime off-road.


This 1:16-scale, off-road R/C truck comes with 4WD wheels; a bright LED front light; and a dual throttle speed option. Teens can select the 100% normal speed or use the 70% slow speed designed for beginners, with easy start and steering..The car also has splash-proof electronic speed control with overheating and over-current protection for all-weather…

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  • 14+

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