Classic games are remembered for a reason. Some may evoke nostalgia, some may just offer timeless fun, and for many, it’s both. That can certainly be said for the 30-year-old game Boggle.

Big Boggle from Winning Moves Games is a larger (in personality and in size) version of the family-favorite game. Whereas traditional Boggle contains four rows down and four rows across, this take on the game is five by five. This makes it easier for kids to create longer words, which is why this version requires a minimum of four letters in each word.

Families still have three minutes to find as many words as they can in each jumble of letters. A special double-letter cube that’s unique to this game helps create those longer words as it also counts as two letters in points. This means that kids can create four-letter words with only three cubes and learn about common letters that go together. Big Boggle also includes 25 plastic letter cubes, a plastic cube grid, a dome and cover, a three-minute sand timer, and illustrated instructions.

The rules remain the same. Kids find words by matching letters that are near each other, making sure not to skip letters or use the same one twice. It may sound E-A-S-Y but the added pressure of the time makes it more difficult. Still, Big Boggle is a great way to get kids’ brains working while they have F-U-N together.

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Nicole Savas

Nicole Savas

As a kid, Nicole either wanted to be a professional toy player-wither or a writer. Somehow, as social media editor for The Toy Insider, The Toy Book, and The Pop Insider, she’s found a career as both. She's grateful to work somewhere that she can fully embrace both her love of teddy bears and her admiration for the Oxford comma. When she's not playing with toys at work, she's playing with her baby girl at home.