The Billie Eilish Live! Cupertino CA from Playmates Toys | Source: Playmates Toys

This Billie Eilish doll will make kids “happier than ever!” 

Standing at 10.5-inches tall, Playmate Toys’ Billie Eilish Live! Cupertino CA doll is a great gift for any Billie fan ages 8 and up. She may not be a “bad guy” anymore, but this Billie doll features one of the singer’s iconic looks from her 2019 Apple Music Awards performance. Fans may remember Billie’s set, which featured songs from her first album, When We Fall Asleep Where Do We Go? 

This fully poseable doll includes 14 points of articulation and is wearing an exact replica of Billie’s concert outfit. The “Happier Than Ever” singer is depicted with her green-rooted hair and dressed in an oversized, silver shirt-and-short set. Her clothing is studded with her Blohsh design, a tiny figure of a man with one shoulder up and one down often featured on her merch. Billie also wears besparkled socks and white sneakers, holding a microphone that kids can switch to either hand. 

Just like her real-life counterpart, the Billie doll is environmentally friendly! The doll comes packaged in an eco-friendly, corrugated closed box package that turns into a dioramic display. Parents can feel eco-conscious in their purchase while kids learn the value of eco-friendly products — something that Billie Eilish herself upholds. 

The Billie Eilish doll comes with a stand for display! | Source: Playmates Toys

The dioramic display transforms the brown packaging into an on-stage backdrop, the perfect scenery for Billie to sing songs like “when the party’s over” and “bury a friend.” She even comes with a doll stand so fans can display her on their shelves easily — the doll will be special to any Billie fan, even as they’re “getting older.” 

With her short height, the Billie doll is easy to transport and take on-the-go, with virtually no clean-up time. Kids can take their new best friend to parks, on trips, or even to Billie’s next tour. The included microphone is especially small, so parents should be conscious that it could fall into cracks and crevices. 

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At only $29.99, Billie Eilish Live! Cupertino CA doll is a perfect affordable and collectable gift for the holiday season. Kids will love her authentic outfit — Billie is a fashion trend setter, after all — and how poseable she is. The only thing that’s missing is a hat — because as Billie says, “you should see me in a crown.” 

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