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I always knew that fairies had magic, but what I didn’t know is that they love the water, too!

Kids can see it for themselves with IMC Toys‘ latest collectible dolls, Bloopies Fairies. Designed for kids ages 3 and up, each Bloopies Fairies package provides an interactive, surprise unboxing experience.

Bloopies Fairies are housed within a flower-shaped lantern that opens with a key. Kids must find the key hidden in the lantern to unlock it from the top, releasing four petals that will drop down to reveal which character is hidden inside. There are 10 Bloopies Fairies collectibles that kids can find, including the rare character Christine, who features a rainbow of colors.

There are 10 Bloopies Fairies for kids to collect! Which one will you unbox? | Source: IMC Toys

Each character features on-trend hairstyles and has her own super cute, pastel color palette that is woven throughout her styling and accessories. I appreciate all of the little details that shine through, from the little stars on their faces to the floral elements throughout their designs.

After kids find out which collectible they’ve unboxed, they will find all of her accessories, including a wand, two pearls (one with glitter and one relating to the sea world), a skirt, wings, a pair of fins (so they can swim, of course), and a personalized accessory related to her power. I opened up Harriet, who has gorgeous golden hair and outfit, with a pink skirt and wand. Her special accessory is a shield, leading me to believe that she is the strong defender of the group (#girlpower).

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Each “special” sea pearl is also inspired by a trendy gemstone, including emerald, sapphire, amethyst, ruby, and agate — and kids can find out their purpose with IMC Toys’ Bloopies series on its Kitoons channel. Kids can further immerse themselves in this magical world with the YouTube series, which will follow the Faries as they meet the Bloopies and Bloopies Mermaids in new adventures while they learn about friendship, teamwork, family, and empathy.

Each Bloopies Fairies collectible has a water-reveal feature. | Source: IMC Toys

And, of course, the most exciting feature that makes these dolls stand out is that they light up! When kids place their fairy inside the lantern and press down, the collectibles will emit a soft glow, matching the color of her outfit. They also shine when kids place their feet in water. Curious kids might lift the doll’s head and find the batteries hidden inside of the collectibles’ head, but parents can rest assured knowing that these are tightly secured within the toy.

When playtime is over, kids can store their fairy and all of her accessories back inside the flower lantern for easy storage. Plus, the lantern features a handle, perfect to take on the go.

Whether kids are exploring with their fairies on land or going on mystical adventures in water, they are guaranteed a magical experience with Bloopies Fairies!

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