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Have you ever seen a tiger or a panda blowing a balloon? Kids can collect a whole menagerie of balloon-blowing animals with Bubiloons, IMC Toys’ new line of animal collectibles that live in a world full of colorful bubbles and candy.

Designed for kids ages 5 and up, Bubiloons are full of unboxing surprises, starting with which animal character is inside. Each collectible comes inside a pink capsule with a window covered in teeny, colorful beads. To reveal the Bubiloons animal, kids can turn the heart-shaped dial on the front of the capsule to make the beads cascade down.

Each Bubiloons set includes eight bubi-goos (AKA tiny balloons) and a bubble maker. Kids can attach a bubi-goo and the bubble maker to the animal’s mouth and squeeze its squishy head to make it blow a bubble. Each squeeze will inflate the bubi-goo a bit more. Then, kids can remove the bubble from the Bubiloon’s mouth and decorate it by dipping it in the beads. Pro tip: Parents might want to set their kids up on a flat table or a surface that they can easily vacuum or wipe up after playtime because the beads are small and might fly around a little.

Kids can inflate the balloons, decorate them with beads, and attach them to the included objects. | Source: IMC Toys

Once kids are done decorating the bubi-goos, they can connect them to the included accessories to create objects like ice cream cones, cupcakes, UFOs, rockets, globes, hot air balloons, and more. For example, one of the Bubiloons I opened came with an accessory that looks like a cone, but when you attach the inflated bubble, it turns into an ice cream cone. The UFO accessory looks like a saucer, but when you add the inflated bubble on top, it looks more like a spaceship meant for an alien. Attaching the bubi-goos to the objects will help kids expand their imaginations as they watch the accessory turn into something magical. Each Bubiloons capsule includes two accessories and three sticks. Kids can attach the inflated bubi-goos to the sticks and use those to decorate the capsule with balloons, like a mini-playset for the Bubiloons animal.

There are 13 Bubiloons characters in total. | Source: IMC Toys

There are 13 Bubiloons characters in total, including a rare unicorn character named Lola. All of the characters make an appearance on IMC Toys’ Kitoons YouTube channel so kids can get to know their personalities on a deeper level, which will make them love Bubiloons even more. The Bubiloons animals are about the same size as some of the collectibles in IMC Toys’ Cry Babies line so kids can play with all of their collectibles together, and then watch them all on YouTube.

Inflate some bubble-blowing fun into your life and enjoy the Bubiloons bonanza!

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