toy reviews Goal: $25,000
Funding Period: until May 18
Creator: Katie Jarvis

This new company is smashing gender stereotypes one doll at a time.

Boy Story is a new line of 18-inch boy action dolls. Each doll has adjustable ball joints with 11 points of articulation, phthalate-free vinyl heads and limbs for easy clean up, and a cotton twill soft body. Boy dolls from other manufacturers sometimes appear to be wearing makeup, or feature body and facial molds that are identical to girl dolls. But the team behind Boy Story believes that dolls should be as diverse as the kids who play with them.

With detailed facial features, different skin colors, and different hair colors, these dolls represent real boys. They even sport some detailed outfits, complete with real buttons, zippers, brass snaps, laces, cuffed jeans, and tiny shoes. In addition to their everyday ensembles, additional themed outfits will be available, such as soldier, superhero, pilot, and scientist, for extended role-play fun. All of the dolls in this line are compatible with standard 18-inch doll accessories.

The first two boys in the line are Billy and Mason. Billy lives in Louisiana and loves exploring the Bayou; and Mason has a wild imagination and loves to ask questions, visit the library, and solve mysteries. Aspen and Kenji will be the next two characters featured in the Boy Story line of dolls.

Each doll comes with a story to encourage reading and spark imagination, its own Boy Story Certificate of Authenticity, an engraved Boy Story logo on the bottom of each doll’s foot, and production numbers printed on the tag.

Kickstarter donations range from $2 to $5,000 and prizes include a three-piece Boy Story Button Pack, a Boy Story book, limited edition T-Shirts, a wooden Boy Story airplane, action dolls, and more.

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