MGA Entertainment‘s Bratz brand is continuing to expand its partnership with media personality Kylie Jenner. When the collaboration was first announced earlier in the month, it came with the reveal of the Mini Bratz x Kylie Jenner Collectibles. Now, the company is readying for a release of fashion dolls featuring Kylie in two looks, as well as a larger fashion doll available exclusively through Amazon.

The new dolls are available in two styles, one Night Look and one Day Look. The Night Look features the Kylie doll in a single-sleeve dress and the Day Look features her wearing a leather minidress and, of course, the signature Bratz platform shoes. MGA is also releasing a 24-inch Bratz x Kylie Fashion Doll, available exclusively through Amazon. The limited-edition doll has lavender hair and a floor-length gown,

Along with the retail launch of the new dolls, Bratz World pop-ups will hit Walmart stores, featuring dolls from the new collection as well as other Bratz dolls and licensed products. Visitors can scan a QR code for a full augmented reality experience in store and take advantage of photo opportunities.

The new Bratz x Kylie Fashion Dolls are available for preorder now, and are expected to hit shelves Oct. 1. The existing Mini Bratz x Kylie Collectibles are currently available at Walmart, Target, Amazon, and the official Bratz store page.

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