Oh, to be a child pretending to soothe a baby doll.

But now kids don’t have to just pretend to nurture their babies with IMC Toys‘ Cry Babies Crawling dolls, they can feel like they are really caring for them!

With adorable and realistic features, these dolls literally cry real tears when the back of their head is filled with water. Kids ages 18 months and up can learn how to put pacifiers in the dolls’ mouths to calm them down and slow their tears — a great teaching moment snuck into load of fun.

However, this isn’t your average crying baby doll. With the Jenna and Miley Cry Babies Crawling dolls, kids can watch their babies crawl across the floor when they press the button on their back! They even make up to 35 different realistic baby sounds when played with. 

Or how about a tickle monster moment? When kids lay them on their back and tickle them, the babies will move her arms and legs up and down. Then, kids can sit the dolls up and they will shake their rattles and giggle. 

With cute outfits featuring little wings, and colorful stars on their faces, these babies are the full package for kids this holiday season, and will keep them entertained for hours on end with all their various thrilling features. 

Perfect for a soon-to-be older sibling or any doll-loving child, these babies are only $26.99 and can be found at Walmart, Amazon, and Target.  


This interactive doll can crawl across the floor, make up to 35 realistic baby sounds, move its arms and legs, cry real tears, and calm down when kids give it a pacifier. It is available in two different styles.

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  • $26.99
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  • 18 MOS+

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