2021 Horse of the Year Hope | Source: Breyer/the Toy Insider

Every year, Breyer releases a themed, limited-edition horse figurine that it crowns as its Horse of the Year. Its past horses have spotlighted specific breeds — such as last year’s Fairfax, the Morgan stallion — and have been sculpted with features particular to that breed, from their manes to their gaits.

However, Breyer took its latest Horse of the Year “off track,” an appropriate choice following the unconventional circumstances that the COVID-19 pandemic has created over the past two years.

The 2021 Horse of the Year is “Hope,” an entirely unique and whimsical breed. Unforeseen changes require an unforeseen horse hero to gallop onto the scene, bringing kids ages 4 and up a message of inspiration and encouragement to get them through the tough times.

Hope is a 10-inch-long and 7-inch-tall horse that wears her heart on her hide. The term “hope” is boldly airbrushed across one side of the figure in bright, rainbow lettering, with a painted dove complimenting the message against the horse’s all-black coloring. There are shades of dark blue, turquoise, neon green, and yellow splashed on her other side, around a larger dove design. Rainbow hues brush through the horse’s fetlock area, pooling into golden hooves, and Hope’s mane features the same golden color in an ombre style. To top it off, a red, heart pattern marks Hope’s forehead.

But Hope is not just a flashy show pony — Breyer applies the message of hope through a partnership with Covenant House, an organization that provides food, shelter, crisis care, and independent living transition services to support homeless youth across North America. For every Hope horse purchased, one dollar will go to Covenant House of New Jersey to care for youth experiencing homelessness.

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The Hope figurine is not articulated, but it makes for a great display and stands out in a collection of Breyer’s other Horse of the Year models. Kids will be able to embark on a magical, imaginative play experience, and may even want to learn more about equestrian activities — and how they can help make a difference.

In addition to the figure itself, Breyer has a range of other Hope products designed for kids, including youth T-shirts, pins, and mugs emblazoned with the horse’s design and message. A portion of the sales from these items will also go toward the Covenant House of New Jersey fund.

Inspire heartfelt change with a Horse of the Year that stands for courage, compassion, confidence, and above all, Hope!

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