These new figures are perfect for any little pasture! | Source: Breyer

The Freedom Series from Breyer continues to bring realistic horse models for every little equestrian, with six new breeds and colors now available. With unique patterns, fun poses, and incredible detail, these figures will trot their way into any kid’s heart.

The new Pinto horse features the classic Pinto pattern of white patches against another color, with the horse figure standing in a relaxed walking pose. The Mahogany Bay Arabian has a windswept mane and tail, with deep brown and black coloration, doing justice to one of the world’s oldest horse breeds. The Palomino Saddlebred is light brown and white. Saddlebreds are known for being a show horse breed, which explains the figure’s active pose.

The Fleabitten Grey Thoroughbred is standing race-ready with a white coat flecked in black. The Red Dun Pintaloosa is a lovely representation of the pattern produced by crossing a Pinto and an Appaloosa. Finally, the Blue Roan Brabant has galloped all the way from Belgium to join horse figure collections worldwide. 

Breyer has such a huge collection of horse figures, any kid in their horse phase will find a favorite. Other collections outside the Freedom Series include the Traditional Series with large and realistic horse models, a large array of unicorns for kids wanting to add a little magic to their lives, and the adorably miniature Stablemates figures.

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The newest Breyer Freedom Series figures are available now on the official Breyer website as well as online retailers such as Amazon. All these new figures are retailing for $21.99 and are designed for kids ages 4 and up. Kids can get their favorite or even grab them all if they can’t resist having all these gorgeous, new horses in their personal stable!

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