Kids and their furry friends can live in Barbie’s world with Build-A-Bear’s latest collection.

In partnership with Mattel, Build-A-Bear Workshop is bringing Barbie to the plush world. The Barbie Pink Bear is a pink stuffed bear that features the Barbie logo and name on its paws. For $29.99, kids can embrace their new friend and customize it with scents, sounds, and accessories.

Bears, bunnies, and all plush animals can now look like Barbie or Ken. The Barbie x Build-A-Bear accessory collection includes a T-shirt and skirt set, a sequin dress, Ken’s swim shorts, and Barbie’s iconic 1959 black-and-white striped swimsuit. Kids can also accessorize with the Barbie Cupcake Wristie, which features a Barbie-themed cupcake for their animal companion.

Families can buy their kids one of the Barbie gift sets for birthdays, special events, holidays, and more. The collection includes five different gift sets each consisting of a Build-A-Bear, a Barbie outfit, and an accessory. The gift sets range from $38.70-56.15.

Kids can embrace Barbie in a whole new way with these cuddly bears and fashionable accessories. To learn more about the Barbie collection, visit

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