Even PETA is joining in the Barbie hype now. 

With the upcoming film hitting theaters this week, PETA has released its own line of clothing and accessories for Barbie and Ken that promotes veganism.

In the first outfit package, PETA has fashioned Barbie a dress filled with “leafy greens” as well as a sign that reads, “Turn over a new leaf. Go Vegan.” The outfit was designed to look like one of PETA’s “Lettuce Ladies,” women who wear attention-grabbing clothing made out of lettuce in order to spread PETA’s message regarding animal safety.

Another outfit Barbie can wear is a T-shirt that says “Not a Nugget,” featuring an image of a chick. This outfit comes with a sign for an animal sanctuary.

But don’t forget about Ken! To go along with his love of the beach — or his career of “beach” —  PETA has made Ken a “trash fishing” getup that will help him clean up his beloved seashore. His shirt says “Fish Are Friends, Not Food,” and he can hold a grabber to pick up trash like the included water bottle. 

All three outfit packages come with a mini vegan starter kit for dolls to hold in their hand. They each cost $19.99 and are available for purchase online at shop.peta.org.

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Kit Schroder

Kit Schroder

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