Build math, language, and reading skills alongside Disney and Pixar characters! | Source: OSMO by BYJU’s

Compatible with the OSMO learning system, BYJU’S Magic Workbooks now feature Disney characters and stories to help keep kids engaged while they learn.

BYJU’S Magic Workbook featuring Disney Premium Kits are available in grade levels from pre-K to third grade, so no matter where kids are on their educational journey, there’s a kit for them to enjoy. Each kit has been developed by educators and is aligned with Common Core standards, with content from real Disney storytellers packed inside. Family-friendly and beloved characters from Frozen, Cars, Lion King, Toy Story and other fan-favorite properties will keep kids’ attention while they learn.

These OSMO kits blend interactive and hands-on learning with real-time feedback through more than 1,000 educational activities and hundreds of worksheets. Kids can learn math, language, and reading skills with each kit, and parents will love that these interactive systems will help reinforce key concepts kids are already learning in school — but with a fun Disney twist. Within each kit, there are educational videos, quizzes, mini games, stories, and interactive worksheets. It’s a multi-sensory experience that enables kids to find the learning method that works best for them.

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Additionally, the workbooks and activities align to your kid’s interests, pace, and learning level. This helps kids to master the skills they need and gain confidence as learners. Parents know that the key to educational success is having kids who want to learn and who feel confident about learning. These kits give kids real-time feedback that celebrates correct answers, while providing encouragement to find the right answer if they get a response wrong. It proves a simple, but effective motivation tool, and enables kids to play and learn independently.

Grown-ups should know that internet access is required for each kit — and, currently, the kits are only compatible with Amazon Fire Tablets and iPads using iOS 13 and above. All of the kits come with one year of access to BYJU’S Learning App featuring Disney for even more educational content beyond the content in the workbooks! They also come with the Osmo base and reflector, three Wizpens, 12 crayons, and a quick start guide.

Each kit focuses on a specific grade level of learning. | Source: OSMO by BYJU’s

Wondering what each kit offers in terms of grade-level educational content? Here are the highlights:

  • For pre-K learning, early learners will practice matching and sorting, word sounds, tracing, color sense, shape recognition, and more. The pre-K kit comes with nine Pre-K Magic Workbooks.
  • For kindergarten learning, kids can learn addition, subtraction, vowels and consonants, word families, and more. The kindergarten kit comes with 10 Kindergarten Magic Workbooks.
  • For first-grade students, growing learners will work on concepts like comparison, odd and even, addition and subtraction, consonant blends, grammar, and more. This kit comes with eight Magic Workbooks.
  • Second graders will learn about measurement, multiplication, vowel teams, types of nouns, and more within eight Magic Workbooks.
  • For third graders, the kit provides education in the areas of geometry, data handling, algebraic thinking, prefixes and suffixes, types of adjectives, and more, with the included nine Magic Workbooks.

Adults should know that these kits cannot be readily shared among siblings as they are designed to create a personalized experience for each kid. However, caregivers and parents will love that they can use these kits to enhance school readiness over the summer and keep concepts current during school vacations and breaks. It can be an affordable option compared to tutors and summer programs.

This reviewer finds the BYJU’S Magic Workbooks a benefit unlike other programs and systems because even though an iPad is used, it still features the use of physical workbooks. This enables kids to still work on school readiness skills, such as pencil grip, and progress through the workbook like a traditional textbook. Kids can emulate traditional class-based learning processes while they practice valuable classroom skills such as concentration, listening, following directions, and desk-based learning.

If you are looking to supplement your kid’s learning at home, the BYJU’S Magic Workbooks featuring Disney Premium Kits — and other OSMO learning systems, too — are well-developed, highly vetted, excellent educational tools on the market today.

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