The sold-out Snowball Cats vs Pickles bean is back for the holidays! | Source: Cepia

In case you didn’t know, both cats AND pickles love celebrating the holidays, so it’s only fitting that Cepia is teaming up with for 25 days of Cats vs Pickles this December!

The Cats vs Pickles brand features lovable, but misunderstood pickles that are just trying to get some love from cats — even though cats are scared of pickles. The collectible Cats vs Pickles plush toys are now available on Curiosity Ink Media’s website, where fans will soon be able to find a new, animated Cats vs Pickles story called How the Gherkins Stole Christmas. Starting on Dec. 1, a new chapter of the animated series will launch on the website each day, presented in the style of an Advent calendar

Snowball | Source: Cepia

The story will star Snowball the cat, who was first introduced as a plush Cats vs Pickles character last year (No. 247), instantly selling out. Fans have another chance to get their hands on the lovable character as it returns for a limited-edition exclusive with Recommended for kids ages 4 and up, Snowball is approximately 4 inches tall, has a beanie texture, and — as its name would suggest — looks like a snowball. Get it here for $7.99.

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Get it while you can before it sells out and check out the animated shorts on beginning this December! You can also find other holiday-themed Cats vs Pickles on, including 8-inch Holiday Jumbos, such as Santa Paws (a blue cat in a Santa suit), Prancer (a cat with reindeer antlers and a jingle bell collar), and Johan (a pickle in a scarf and a hat).

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