Centering Cards were created with the input of parents, educators, and psychologists. | Source: eeBoo

Kids often become overactive and highly strung. Rather than putting them in a “time out,” using these situations as a chance to become centered and mindful can be much more beneficial. Created with the input of parents, educators, and trained psychologists, eeBoo’s Centering Cards will help kids master the art of mindfulness.

These short, multisensory exercises come in two sets: anytime and bedtime. Anytime is designed for kids who need to return to a social situation, while bedtime is made for kids who are winding down for the night. 

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Each set comes with 36 illustrated cards with exercises that use a variety of strategies to help kids calm down and center themselves. Each card is color-coded depending on its prompt. Cards one through six are green and focus on visualization and seeing. Cards seven through 19 are yellow, representing body movement, or simple exercises that help redirect physical energy. Cards 20 through 24 are blue and offer breathing prompts. Cards 25 through 33 are violet and represent touch. Lastly, cards 34 through 36 provide listening/sound prompts. 

The Centering Cards from eeBoo come with a 3-minute sand timer, a fabric pouch, and an instruction booklet. They are available from for $19.99.

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