Pop Art Soft: Mammoth Size | Source: Cepia

New Pop Art Soft plushies are hitting the toy scene, and they’re all gorgeously patterned in bright colors that’ll make for flashy bedtime buddies.

From Cepia, the makers of Cats Vs. Pickles (a line of plush cats and pickles), the Pop Art Soft line features plush elephants with a whole pile of personality. The Pop Art Soft elephant herd is currently available at Walmart in three sizes: 12-inch Mammoths, the 7-inch Mighty size, and the 4-inch Minis.

Pop Art Soft: Mighty Size | Source: Cepia

There are four characters in the Mammoth size: Cornelius (Popcorn), Wham! (Comic Pop), Sweetie (Candy Pop), and Sugar (Sugar Skull), priced from $19.98-24.99. The Mighty designs feature six characters (Pheona, Lovey, Tiger, Hailey, Bolt, and Firefly), perfectly sized for travel with a price range from $9.98-14.99. The Mini styles come in mystery bags with 24 collectible designs, each small enough to fit inside a purse or backpack. The Minis also include a collector sheet, with prices ranging from $4.98-7.99.

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Recommended for kids ages 4 and up, the new Pop Art Soft plushies are made with polyester fiber batting and have plastic beans inside of them to provide satisfying weight. Look for these colorful styles at Walmart now, with more characters coming soon! They will also launch at other retailers this spring.

Have the most colorful elephant in the room with Pop Art Soft!

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