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Whether you are looking to level up your artistic masterpieces, need an art accouterment to jazz up your kids’ learning at home experience, or need to grab something unique for a weekend arts and crafts session, the Chalkola Washable Dot Markers for Kids brings dazzling dots to your drawings.

The kit comes with 10 dab markers in classic colors, including red, orange, yellow, green, blue, purple, pink, black, brown, and teal. Each dot marker is filled with ink that never dries out. Plus, the colors are washable, so no worries if kids dab on their clothes.

The chunky grip on the markers and the twist-off cap are easy for kids as young as 2 to manage. On first use, take a separate piece of paper and dab the market to get the ink flowing. Once you do, kids can do a quick dab for a little dot or wiggle the dot marker on the paper to make a bigger dot.

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The dot markers also come with a 50-page bonus activity book right in the box, so kids can start the spots as soon as they open the box. The activity pages are filled with pages that promote learning, including activities that feature ABCs, numbers, and shapes.

Dot markers are a great art tool to give kids a different creative experience. Dot markers are also beneficial for kids who need to work on pencil grip, since they just have to dot instead of using complex movements to draw in the traditional way. Kids can still get the satisfaction of creating art even if they have mental or physical hurdles.

Dot markers can also be a fun tool for practice with counting and math skills. For example, kids can dot out the answers to a math equation. The markers can also be used for sequencing challenges to work on patterning or color recognition. Just dot out a series of colored dots, in any color order, in a straight line. Then, encourage the child to emulate the same order or pattern!

Whether the Chalkola Washable Dot Markers are for therapy, artistic expression, or an at-home learning aid, they will get your family dabbling, dabbing, and dotting in their downtime.

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