The set includes seven adorable plush pieces with whimsical details. | Source: IScream

‘Tis the season for all things food! And what better way to celebrate the grand feast of Thanksgiving then with a plush version of the most important food group — chicken nuggets!

The Chicken Nuggets Furry and Fleece Interactive Food Plush by IScream is perfect for imaginative kids ages 12 and up. The set includes seven total pieces: five plush chicken nuggets (two with a furry ketchup head), a metallic plush ketchup packet, a dipping tray, and a plush chicken nugget container. Not only are they super soft, but there are so many fun details on each plush, including metallic fabric on the ketchup packet plush that adds a sparkly finish and really captures the light. The super cute dip tray has the phrase “Takin’ A Dip” on it. Everything is adorned in shades of blue, red, yellow, and white, giving the set a fast-food-inspired look. Each plush has an adorable kawaii face with different expressions which encourages imaginative play and really adds personality to the set.

Each plush has an adorable kawaii face with different expressions which encourages imaginative play and really adds personality to the set. | Source: IScream

Speaking of play, there are so many ways to enjoy the interactive food plush! Kids can explore pretend play by using the ketchup plush and dip tray to set up their ‘meal’ of chicken nuggets. The plush can also be used as whimsical decor in a pretend kitchen or they can make soft, adorable companions for any food lover.

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Hungry for more? Check out all the other food plushies IScream offers and embrace the food frenzy this week with this whimsical chicken nugget plush set — we promise they won’t stain your Thanksgiving dress!

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