As we near the end of summer, are your kids becoming bored with the same stuff? Add a Slip’n Slide to your outdoor family fun this season to eliminate the summer slump!

The Winning Moves Games Classic Wham-O Slip’n Slide is the top contender to consider. It is the original backyard water slide that is more than 19 feet long. Parents will also appreciate the set-up instructions, safety checklist, two anchors, and two repair patches that come with the product, too, to ensure that setup is easy and that kids can keep playing safely.

Kids can slip and slide all summer long with this family-favorite summer staple. | Source: Winning Moves Games

To maximize the fun, there are some tricks to amplify the awesomeness of the Slip ‘N Slide. First, put it on a clear, grassy surface that is free of rocks, sticks, and other debris that could hurt sliders during the slide and avoid puncturing the plastic. Secondly, having a slight decline to the Slip’n Slide allows the water to flow continuously down the Slip’n Slide for a smoother and speedier slide potential. Thirdly, add a couple of drops of tear-free liquid baby soap to the surface of the Slip’n Slide to help with the slip!

Additionally, kids can bring some other toys in the mix to switch up their slides! Use pool noodles for bumpers — like bowling lane bumpers, pool noodles tucked under the edges of the Slip’n Slide sides (secured with painter’s tape or the like) can keep kids on course. Lastly, use the Slip’n Slide on an overcast day to minimize the potential for grass burnout.

Once you have the best positioning for your outdoor fun, add to the play potential with fun games. You can set up two side by side for races or add soft cut-up pool noodles at the end of the slide as a version of body bowling. Kids can stay entertained (and engaged) by picking up the pool noodle pieces and putting them in a pile for the next person to plunge into!

All in all, having a Slip’n Slide as part of your summer backyard fun is a great way to cool off at the end of the summer!


The Slip ‘N Slide is the original backyard water slide, and this classic edition looks just like the original. Kids can enjoy retro-style fun in the sun with this 19-foot water slide.

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  • 5+

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