Kids will need parental supervision while using this toy, but it’s more fun to design the clips together! | Source: Purple Ladybug

With Purple Ladybug’s ClayCreate Pro Charm Clips, kids ages 6 and up can play with arts and crafts and experiment with their fashion sense at the same time!

The set comes with 25 pieces, including two clay mold trays, six colorful clay blocks, 15 standard hair clips, a non-stick adhesive, and a high-gloss glaze. While parental supervision is necessary, the kit offers easy-to-follow instructions.

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When kids are ready to begin making their clips, they should be sure to start with a clean workspace, since any extra debris can stick to the clay and make it difficult to use. Setting down parchment paper definitely helps with this step, and makes for easy clean-up! Kids can then begin shaping the different clays before pressing them into the provided mold trays, which offer four different shapes for clips and 12 designs to add additional charms. To make the clay easier to shape, kids can warm it up by rolling it around in their hands first. One of the most fun aspects of this toy is the ability to mix and match the different clay together, creating new colors and putting kids’ artistic imaginations to use! Additionally, the variety of charm molds gives kids the option to accessorize in their own unique way.

Kids should ensure that the clay fills the mold to the top, but that it doesn’t extend past the brim of the tray, so that the clay hardens in the exact shape they want. When this step is perfected, parents can help kids load it into their at-home oven so the clay hardens, which only takes about 15-20 minutes. Finally, kids can apply a shiny glaze to their creations and use the provided adhesive to glue it onto the hair clips when it has dried! Kids can actually wear the clips as fun hair accessories to add a stylish pop of color to any outfit. Because the kit comes with enough supplies to make up to 15 different designs, it also makes for a fun birthday party or sleepover activity so kids can craft their own clips and match with friends!

The kit is only $9.99 — an affordable price for everything it comes with. It makes the perfect holiday gift for any kids who love to creatively accessorize, or even for kids who are just getting started with arts and crafts because of the simple nature of its instructions!

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