The Gorgeous Gifts Advent Calendar is the best holiday surprise for your kids! | Source: Purple Ladybug

Kids can get excited — and accessorized — for the holiday season with the Gorgeous Gifts Advent Calendar from Purple Ladybug!

As with most advent calendars, this set features a special item for kids ages 6 and up to discover each day for 24 days. From hair accessories to arts and crafts, this festive countdown is packed with a variety of gifts and trinkets.

Each slot in the advent calendar is decorated with lots of classic holiday imagery, including stockings, mistletoe, candy canes, ornaments, and gingerbread men. Upon opening each slot, kids can reach inside and pull out that day’s special gift! Each slot is a different size and shape, depending on the size of the gift inside. Most of the gifts come wrapped in plastic for an unboxing experience and are very easily accessible. Although a few of the items may get stuck in the calendar and need an extra pull to take them out of the box, make sure kids handle the box with care so none of the items slide around inside!

The advent calendar comes packed with 24 fun surprises for your kid to enjoy. | Source: Purple Ladybug

All of the items in the box are adorable holiday- and winter-themed surprises. Some honorable mentions include a nail set with a file, a separator, and stickers on day 16; a mini watermelon-scented notebook on day 23; and a shimmery tulle headband on day 24! Among some of the other surprises are a green, red, and white tube of lipgloss; an air-dry clay ornament craft; a sparkly red hair bow; snowman hair elastics; and even a bedazzled ear cuff! Many of the daily gifts come as sets with multiple parts, so be sure to keep the sets together until your kids plan on using them, so that none of the parts get lost. 

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For a little extra fun, each slot also comes with holiday-themed jokes and riddles on the inside of the door! (For example, “What do snowmen ride? Icecycles!”) These are sure to give the whole family a laugh before kids move on to the next gift. 

Additionally, the advent calendar box comes complete with an instruction manual that includes a detailed guide on how to use the calendar and each of the gifts inside! But, don’t spoil the surprises: The instructions are “For Parents Only!”

Getting in the holiday spirit is typically easy, but this sweet advent calendar makes it even easier!

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