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In 2016, Disney fans embarked on their second journey through the Great Barrier Reef to find and rescue forgetful, fishy friend Dory. Finding Dory and its predecessor Finding Nemo remind us to “just keep swimming,” and now fans can swim into new adventures with a Finding Nemo-inspired board game! 

Board game publisher The Op | Usaoply has reimagined the classic mystery game Clue into a deep-sea adventure with Nemo, Marlin, and the rest of the crew. In the Clue: Finding Nemo Edition, Dory has gone missing and fans are challenged to get their feet wet in a perilous mission to locate the natural blue with short-term memory loss.

The game invokes the traditional Clue rules and presents a similar objective: to investigate a mystery. Players will move around the board using one of six character pieces that feature Nemo, Marlin, Bruce, Crush, Nigel, and Destiny. There are six custom tokens that symbolize various dangers Dory may encounter, and players will use these to predict who will need to help Dory and where she’ll ultimately be found! 

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Nine well-known locations from the films will serve as landmarks on the board, including Sydney Harbor, Morro Bay, Mine Field, Dentist’s Office, and The Drop-Off. As players swim through these iconic sites, they will be prompted to draw intrigue cards. These cards point to key movie moments that reveal important information about Dory’s whereabouts. Players can note these findings in their clue sheets to keep track of where they’ve searched. 

Do you want to help find Dory? Do you? Do you? Do you? 2-6 players ages 8 and up can join this flippin’ fun search party! Clue: Finding Nemo is available to purchase now on for $39.99. 

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