We are in the midst of an epic battle between cows and aliens — so you better mooooooove out of the way!

This recent addition to the Vs World lineup from toymaker Cepia is Cows Vs. Aliens, and word on the street is that the cows are being observed by the aliens who are hilariously and poorly disguised as humans.

These 4-inch tall, bean-filled plush are everything you would hope for from the makers of Cats Vs Pickles, Dogs Vs Squirls, Bears Vs Donuts, and more. They are quirky, silly, and just “udderly” adorable! Kids ages 4 and up can easily carry them around in little backpacks for fun and imaginative play on the go.

Source: Cepia

There are 48 different characters for kids to add to their collections, and each soft, tiny plush comes in a mystery bag in typical GWYG (Get what you get!) style, so it’s always a surprise and you never know which one you’re going to get.

There’s Moonstruck, the starry, blue cow who “jumped over the mooooon;” Bubbles, “a boba bovine” featuring purple bubbles on a pink body; Fudgie, “how now brown cow?” with a chocolate body and sprinkles; and so many more, all with colorful, creative, and funny pun-filled designs.

With only eight in the collection, the sneaky aliens are more rare and certainly harder to find. This includes Neil, a green alien who is always “ready for a moon shot” and more.

So in the war of Cows Vs Aliens, will you fight for team Earth or team space?


Get ready to be “moo-ved” by the captivating charm of Cows vs Aliens as they invade the world of collectibles this “Joo-n”! These adorable bean-filled plushies are more than just ordinary toys. With their brightly colored cow and alien designs, Cows vs Aliens are on a mission to captivate the hearts of collectors with their…

Product Facts

  • MSRP:
  • $5
  • Age:
  • 4+

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