Everyone knows that friendship bracelets are all the rage for summer. Crayola and Little Words Project are teaming up again to infuse their bracelets with even more kindness!

The latest group of Crayola-themed beaded bracelets is inspired by the Colors of Kindness crayons, a 24-pack of Crayola crayons with blue-and-purple packaging instead of Crayola’s usual yellow-and-green packaging. The crayons are meant to inspire kids to be thoughtful in art and in life. 

The Crayola friendship bracelets are perfect for sharing! | Source: Little Words Project

The Colors of Kindness bracelet collection features six designs, each inspired by a different color scheme. The Just Peachy bracelet features peach and gold beads and says “Just peachy” with a peach-shaped bead separating the words! The Just Peachy bracelet matches perfectly with the Sunshine bracelet’s yellow and smiley face beads!

Cool (toned) kids can also get in on the action. The Lucky and Rise Above bracelets feature mint green and lavender beads. Kids who love all the colors can even get the Be Kind bracelet, which features a whole rainbow of beads! Each bracelet also comes with a code for kids to register it online. If they trade bracelets with their friends, they can reuse the codes to show the bracelets adventure in kindness!

The Colors of Kindness friendship bracelets are available at littlewordsproject.com for $25 each. Kindness is cuter than ever with these adorable bracelets!

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