Crystalina Amethyst Doll | Source: Skyrocket

There’s something mystical and magical about crystals, but how do you find the right one for you?

Crystalina is a new line of fairy dolls from Skyrocket that harnesses the power of crystals to grant kids special superpowers. Recommended for kids ages 4 and up, the collection includes four characters — Amethyst, Aventurine, Rose Quartz, and Turquoise — that each embodies a crystal element and a superpower aura.

Each crystal element and superpower aura is represented by a different color. For example, Amethyst’s superpower aura is to promote wisdom, represented by the color purple. The Amethyst doll has purple hair, eyes, and eyebrows, and when you shake it, the translucent dress lights up in a glowing, purple color. When kids press the button on the bottom, Crystalina will cycle through 10 different colors or auras. Each color/aura represents something different, such as wisdom, healing, courage, confidence, optimism, and more. Each doll comes with a light-up amulet necklace that also cycles through the colors/auras, in addition to a moon-shaped stand and a crystal hairpiece that kids can place in either the doll’s hair or wear in their own hair.

Crystalina Dolls | Source: Skyrocket

The doll and amulet can also cycle through multicolor aura patterns that represent more in-depth superpowers. While blue on its own represents optimism, if the aura flashes yellow, then pink, that stands for warding off negativity. While red on its own represents strength, if the aura flashes pink, then green, that stands for overcoming a challenge. It’s kind of like a fortune-telling device that associates colors with empowering messages.

Kids can magically pass Crystalina’s multicolor aura to the amulet by shaking the fairy with the amulet nearby. Both will momentarily flash, then the amulet will mimic the flashing light pattern from Crystalina’s dress. Kids can transfer the aura from the doll to the amulet and vice versa. That aura pattern will remain until another shared power replaces it. Similarly, kids can also transfer the auras between dolls or amulets if they have more than one just by shaking them in close proximity.

Crystalina Turquoise Doll | Source: Skyrocket

When multiple Crystalina fairies meet each other, they can unlock a hidden aura. For example, if kids have both an Amethyst and a Rose Quartz doll, they can unlock the purple-pink light pattern, which means to “keep focus on a goal.” If kids have both an Amethyst and a Turquoise doll, they can unlock a purple-blue light pattern, which means to “let go of bad feelings.” The dolls will store the new aura for future use.

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Crystalina can be a great tool for social-emotional learning. The meanings behind the auras make great conversation prompts. Parents can encourage kids to think deeper by asking them how they would “overcome a challenge” or “ward off negativity.”

We could all learn a lot from these color-changing sprites: Sometimes you just need to shake it off for an attitude adjustment and always remember that a positive aura is contagious!

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