Radio Flyer and Tesla are teaming up again to launch an updated Cyberquad for Kids.

Kids across generations know and love Radio Flyer. The company has a 100-year history of making Little Red Wagons, bikes, scooters, and more. Partnering up with Tesla, Radio Flyer is now bringing an updated version of the Cyberquad for Kids. Model 915 features updated safety features as well as the unique design of the original.

The new Model 915 is available now. | Source: Radio Flyer/Tesla

Inspired by Tesla’s Cybertruck, the Model 915 Cyberquad for Kids has the same steel frame, high-pressure rubber air tires, and 500-watt motor as the original Model 914. The vehicle reaches a max speed of 10 MPH and is designed for kids ages 9 and up. Young drivers can steer the vehicle in both forward and reverse, with the LED light bars functioning as headlights and taillights.

The TOTY-nominated ride-on has been updated to meet all toy safety standards. The Model 915 Cyberquad for Kids builds on the original Model 914 with new features such as the replacement of the rear spring with a steel tube designed to keep the rear frame securely in place, additional information about safe use of the vehicle, and more.

The new Model 915 Cyberquad for Kids is available now exclusively on the Tesla online store for $1,900. Orders are expected to begin shipping later this month. Kids can hit the road for up to 15 miles with this new Cyberquad!


The Cyberquad for Kids features a steel frame, LED light bars, cushioned seat, and more. The vehicle can reach a max speed of 10 MPH and has up to 15 miles of range. Model 915 has updated safety features including changes to the rear frame.

Product Facts

  • MSRP:
  • $1,900
  • Age:
  • 9-12

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